Jr. High & High School

Our Junior High & High School classes (7th-12th grades) guide students through important conversations about God, His commandments, and how to make personal applications of the Bible in everyday life.  We use the Get Them Talking program of workbooks produced by David Banning. Each study is designed with eye-catching graphic layouts that utilize real-life case studies. Students are presented with everyday questions and practical assignments that challenge their thoughts and values.  

The goal? Get them talking about a wide range of topics from how to be saved by Jesus Christ to God’s wisdom for daily challenges such as dating, drugs, and family relationships.

The questions and exercises in these workbooks are intended to get students talking about the important issues today’s teens face. Rather than lecturing, our teachers aim to involve the students in group dialogue. The goal is not just to get students to a point where they can give a memorized answer to a question, but to have them explain why they answered the question in the way that they did.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at info@southfayettechurch.org or 770-461-9174.