A new day, a new week, a new month and a new year all converging at the same time.  It seems we all love new things, especially the newness of time.  Perhaps because it provides the promise of beginning.  A time to finish old things, a time to repair old things, while also a time to explore new things, to accomplish new things…to be the person we always know we should be.

Exercise equipment that has been collecting dust or that sits new and pristine waiting on us to lose those extra pounds we’ve accumulated, or that project we have been intending to do for some time, are fresh in our minds and now rest at the top of our priority list for the coming year.  New year’s resolutions are one of the common activities shared by almost all of us.  Breaking or forgetting new year’s resolutions are one of the most common achievements shared by us all as well.

As the old year has come to its conclusion and the new year has begun, resolutions are a good way to evaluate the good and bad (and sometimes the ugly) of who and where we are in life.  But we must always do more than resolve, we must work to achieve the targets we set.  Spiritual resolutions are good also.  In fact, they are essential in our maturity as the children of God (Eph. 4:13-14).  Therefore, what are your spiritual resolutions for 2017?  And what are you going to do to achieve them?

 The South Fayette church’s theme for 2017 is:  Standing Mature and Fully Assured In All The Will of God (Col. 4:12).

May I encourage you to take this theme to heart and make it one of your spiritual resolutions this year.  To help each of us in this effort, we will focus on it throughout the year in sermons, Bible classes and other ways to remind and help us to grow and become more convinced and convicted in our faith and work in the Lord and in His word.

Abraham’s stalwart faith and obedience stands as a model for us.  He was “fully convinced that God was able to do what He had promised.  That is why his faith was ‘counted to him as righteousness’” (Rom. 4:21-22).  We are challenged to have Abrahamic faith in our own lives.  Knowing what we do about him, we may see that challenge as somewhat daunting, but it shouldn’t be.  We can (we must) be fully convinced and assured that God still can do what He has promised.

Lord willing, when we reach the threshold of 2018, we will not be the same as we are today.  Our faith will be stronger, our spiritual lives more mature, our knowledge deeper and our conviction more solid.

Paul’s (Col. 2:1-2) and Epaphras’ (Col. 4:12) hard work on behalf of the saints in Colossae and for us too, must be coupled with our own hard work to grow and stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God.