My Father’s Day

Father's Day is a secular celebration inaugurated in the early twentieth century to complement Mother's Day in celebrating fatherhood and parenting by males, and to honor and commemorate fathers and forefathers. I feel that this special day is indeed a very good complement, both mothers and fathers need to be recognized and their hands lifted high because of their faithful and loving dedication to one another and family.

I clearly can remember those days with my family of long ago. There were times when, “for a change” at least, I would obey my father’s desires and requests. This allowed me of course to be in father’s good graces, and why not, this was father’s kingdom, his domain, he was happy, and most of the time, I likewise, in the safety of “my room, or “mansion,” that was prepared for me there! Father also include his family in “the inheritance,” these were his goods or special possessions that were given at the time of his passing. Although my father when he did die, left no significant monetary amount, my inheritance was mostly his legacy through the good examples he left, and his outlook on life. If ever there was a moment where I made my fathers house a place of “worthlessness,” by my disrespect for him, or mother, I was always punished in some way, and rightly so! I guess you could say, that as long as I remained faithful in my father’s house, I truly was living/enjoying a home prepared for me and all my siblings, and mother. Like our Fathers in the flesh, our heavenly Father does the same for us and even more so, please notice the following spiritual blessings: Matthew 7:21, Matthew 25:34, John 2:16, John 6:40, John 14:2.

This brings me to different Father’s Day, which for some is more significant than all the secular holidays that have ever been, or ever will be. That special day is when Christians assemble with the church each first day of the week, that’s Sunday to be exact. In Revelation 1:10, John said that he was “in the Spirit, on the Lord’s day,” We see from many accounts in the scriptures that this was Sunday as we know it today. Another point is the fact that most of our fathers in the flesh may have during our upbringing blessed us in many ways, they gave us comfort and security, so also our heavenly father gives us gifts, if we’re his child of hope, that living hope. Fathers are responsible for their children’s instruction as well as correction when it was needed, this teaches us to be in subjection to them. We likewise are to be in subjection unto our heavenly Father. The below listed scriptures confirm that when we honor our God on His day, and as far as that is concerned, we should be honoring Him everyday, we then receive His promises of care. Ephesians 1:3, 2Cor. 1:3, James1:17, 1Peter 1:3

In Acts 20:7; we see the example of the disciples of the Lord gathering together on Sunday, to remember, and worship God on His day. Dear friends, this is “My Father’s Day.” Let us celebrate Him every Sunday and everyday of our lives. I’m so thankful for everything my “earthly father” did for me, for without him, I guess I would not be writing this article. But on the other hand, because of what my “Heavenly Father” has done and is doing, I enjoy so much more this relationship.

By Larry Clarke Sr.