Who's HEAD of THE House?

As a young child growing up, and at some point in that process, I began to be aware of what authority really meant, at least in my family’s home. Over that course of time it was explained through my parents teaching, and often this fact was expressed to me, and sometimes strongly impressed upon me. My father was the head of my home, and even at times when he was traveling on the highways as a truck driver, far from his family, he was still the one to whom I had to answer for my actions, whatever they might have been. Many times he would accentuate his leadership role by saying, “I am the head of this home!” “I am the boss!” There were those times when I would respond to my dad with the question, “Why do I have to…?” He simply would say as I’m sure many of your parents stated, “It’s because I said so, that’s why!” “Son, what I say, goes!” or “It’s the law!” and its just because, “I am, who I am!”

My father as well as my mother stood firm, and side-by-side on this belief, and often had to reinforce this fact to me as I alluded above. In time I began to see where both of them stood on this foundation of truth in our home. Of course, we all know that I did not always respect my father or mother’s wishes and their authority, as I’m sure some of you have been guilty of doing. The principles above are found in God’s word, (Ephesians 5:23, 6:1; Col. 3:20). When parents as well as children adhere to them, the chances are much greater that we all will become followers of the Great I AM!

In God’s infinite mind, He has set forth this authority in the home, taught by fathers and mothers to their children. Again this process is the beginning of a teaching and walking experience. Someday these examples when obeyed, can lead the family unit unto God and His authority, and will.

Please consider why we should be submitting unto the I Am, Christ Jesus our Lord.

 Jesus said, I AM…

The Messiah John 4:26, The Bread of Life John 6:35, From Above John 8:23, The Eternal One John 8:58, The Light of the World John 9:5, The Door John 10:7, The Son of God John 10:36, The Resurrection and Life John 11:25, The Lord and Master John 13:13, The Way, Truth, and Life John 14:6, The True Vine John 15:1, Alpha and Omega Rev. 1:8, The First and the Last Rev. 1:17.


By Larry C. Clarke Sr.